FREE Female Condoms Under Affordable Care Act

Get FREE Female Condoms & Take Control of Your Sexual Health

Take Control of Your Sexual Health – FREE Female Condoms Now Covered Under the Affordable Care Act!

FC2 is an over-the-counter female contraceptive that can be prescribed to
patients with no out-of-pocket expense during a Family Planning or Well-Woman visit, per the Affordable Care Act: “The contraceptive methods for women currently identified by FDA include(s)…female condom”

What is FC2?

FC2 is an OTC female condom designed to be inserted into the vagina.

  • A nitrile (non-latex) sheath and outer ring, with a polyurethane inner ring.
  • Includes NO spermicidal additives.
  • Lubricated with a silicone-based lubricant inside and out.
  • The only FDA approved female condom, proven safe and effective.

No Compromises

  1. Can be inserted in advance.
  2. No interruption or decision making during an interlude.
  3. Non-hormonal.
  4. Latex-free alternative for those with latex sensitive
  5. “Backup” protection during the initiation of hormonal contraceptives.
  6. Great choice when changing contraceptive methods.
  7. Excellent for non-compliant and post-partum women.
  8. Female condoms are a source of pleasure for users.
  9. Less constrictive for men versus male condoms.
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